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The Montecito Community Foundation’s Board Members

Please contact us if you are interested in serving on the Board.

Executive Committee:

Ruth Green, President

Ambia Clark, Vice President, Treasurer

Chana Jackson, Secretary



Hugh Boss, Finance Committee

Ruth Green, Executive Committee

Vicki Hazard, Grant Committee, Projects Committee, Executive Committee, Road Sign Committee

Stephen Hicks, Grant Committee, Executive Committee, Road Sign Committee, Projects Committee

George Isaac, Finance Committee

George Ittner, Fundraising Committee, Projects Committee

Chana Jackson, Executive Committee,

Richard Nordlund, Finance Committee

Ambia Clark, Executive Committee and Finance Committee

Alixe Mattingly, Projects Committee

Jason Siemens, Finance Committee

Cynthia Withers, M.D., Projects Committee


Past Presidents (partial list in alphabetical order):

Danily Bell

Patty Bliss

Mindy Denson

Dan Eidelson

Arthur Henzell

Stephen Hicks

Sally Kinsell

David Potter

Joanne Rapp

Marshall Rose

Sharol Siemens

Ted Urschel

Alice Van de Water

Peter van Duinwyk

Joan Wells