To Promote and Serve as a Resource for Philanthropy.

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Montecito Community Foundation: We Serve Our Community


Fostering the Spirit of Montecito

  • Funding community events and projects
  • Beautifying your neighborhoods

Preserving the Uniqueness of Montecito

  • Providing Rural Road Signs for a semi-rural community
  • Improving our public places (e.g. replaced a gas station with a public park at East Valley and San Ysidro Roads and renovated the Manning Park Scout House)

Improving Property Values

  • We enhance our community’s unique character which improves individual property values

Benefitting Community Organizations

  • Promoting a safe community – providing funding for public safety projects including pathways, upgrading the community’s bus stops, and traffic studies
  • Enhancing a beautiful community – funding projects that further enhance our community’s unique character
  • Providing Resources for Families – providing funding for our community library, historical collection, safe paths to school, Manning Park Scout House, and the 4th of July parade and celebration
  • Preserving the Uniqueness of Montecito – Providing Rural Road Signs for a semi-rural community
  • Funding Grants for Community Projects – facilitating projects benefitting Montecito Residents

Encouraging Local Philanthropy

  • Local Use of Funds – all contributions stay in Montecito
  • Leave a Legacy – acknowledgement in public places
  • Provide a Safe Place for You to Live – We beautify safe routes to schools with landscaping
  • Pride of Community – We support the quality of life in Montecito
  • Preserve the Unique Community Character – We foster a sense of community and community spirit with events such as the 4th of July celebration and parade and enhancements to our community library and history room
  • Enjoy Quality of Life – The Foundation has preserved Montecito for over 50 years

Promoting Business

  • Benefits of Montecito location – Increasing high end business identity
  • We fuel your success – We improve the community so you have a healthy marketplace
  • Sponsorship opportunities
  • Naming opportunities
  • Supporting the Community
  • Community Involvement