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Suggest A New Project to Enhance our Montecito Community

The Montecito Community Foundation welcomes suggestions for new projects that meet our grant guidelines.

Please forward your suggestions to us or contact the Grant Committee Chairperson for further information at [email protected].

Types of Projects We Support

Grants are provided for projects and programs that promote the general welfare and good of the Montecito community. By the terms of its founding documents, the Montecito Community Foundation confines its support to projects located in Montecito which is defined as within the boundaries of the Montecito Fire Protection District.

MCF prefers to award grants to entities which are exempt under Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code of 1986. However, the Foundation will accept grant applications from groups regardless of their tax-exempt status, as long as their activities clearly fall within IRS tax-exempt guidelines.

Some of the projects we have supported include:

  • Projects which promote public safety and property protection, such as traffic improvements, fire protection, flood control, and earthquake and disaster preparedness.
  • Projects and events which foster the community and spirit of Montecito, such as community celebrations, events honoring individuals or groups for improving our community and events which encourage greater community involvement.
  • Activities which inform residents of Montecito on local and other matters, such as public forums on matters of current interest or concern, library resources, historical resources, and other public resource information services.
  • Beautification and improvement of our public roads, parks, local government properties, and other public places.
  • Improvement and, occasionally, acquisition of recreational facilities, such as parks, open spaces, beach-side entrances, trail heads, and trails.
  • Maintenance and preservation of our community, such as community clean-up days of the roadsides and other public places.
  • Assisting local governmental entities with capital projects and other unique needs.

We do not provide support for:

  • Projects related to electoral campaigns or influencing legislation.
  • Private (versus public) benefits
  • Projects located outside of the Montecito Fire Protection District.
    Grants for annual operating expenses.
  • Direct support of public or private educational institutions.
  • Direct support of religious institutions.
  • Directly to individuals; grants are provided only to community organizations.

The Grant Application Process:

Our grant application process is a simple one. Complete the two page Grant Application, providing a description of the proposed project and detailing how the grant will be spent. Electronically submit the completed application to [email protected] or mail it to:

Montecito Community Foundation Grants
P.O. Box 5001
Santa Barbara, CA 93150

Feel free to include any supplementary information that will support your funding request.

The Foundation’s Grant Committee will review your application at their next meeting. Your designated representative maybe invited to attend this meeting in order to discuss the funding request with the committee. At the conclusion of the meeting, the Grant Committee will make a funding recommendation to the Foundation’s Board of Trustees. Your request, along with the committee’s recommendation, will be considered at the next Board meeting. A representative from your organization will be invited to attend this meeting to provide additional information and answer any questions or concerns that may arise.

The Board generally meets quarterly (click here to inquire about our next scheduled Board Meeting). The Grant Committee meets approximately 30 days prior to the Board meeting.


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