Casa Del Herrero

Casa del Herrero Restoration

Registered as a National Historic Landmark, Casa del Herrero stands as a captivating emblem of Montecito’s 1920s and 1930s era. Designed by George Washington Smith for George F. Steedman and his family, this estate is a time capsule of Montecito in the 1920’s and 1930’s. The Casa’s mission is to maintain, preserve, and restore the house, furnishings, gardens, and history of the Steedman Estate for the benefit of the community, visiting public, scholars, educators, and students.

The Montecito Community Foundation has awarded a grant to the Casa that marks a significant step in their long term improvement  plans and will be put toward the restoration of the walking paths around the estate. By revitalizing these pathways, Casa del Herrero aims to expand the scope of its garden tours, improving physical accessibility and safety, and offering visitors an enriched exploration of the historic gardens. With a target completion date set for September 2024, this project signifies a commitment to conserving the legacy of Casa del Herrero.