Our Donors

We are grateful to all those who supported the Montecito Community Foundation mission and its work in 2023.

Dolores Airey

Todd and Allyson Aldrich

Antoinette Amorteguy

Carla A. Amussen

Donald Anderson

Anne Jackson Family Foundation


Michelle Armstrong

Deirdre Arntz

Elizabeth Atwater

Coeta and Donald Barker

Diane Baskin

Randall Bassett

Byron and Robyn Beck

Lina and John Paul Beltran

Donald and Susan Bennett

Terri and Don Bennett

Susan and Riley Betchel

Peter and Linda Beuret

Bruce and Sharon Bevon

Leslie Bhutani

David and Barbara Biehl

Darlene Bierig

John C.Bishop Jr.

Shelia and Michael Bonsignore

Kelly and Hugh Boss

Marianne Bowie

Deborah Branch

Ingrid Brandes

Steven Brawer

Greta Breeden

R.J. and M.A. Brillhart

John C. Bruch

Michele Brustin

Hope Bryant

Brian and Anne Busacca

Luann and Darren Caesar

Susan and Brett Caine

Barbara Carrington