Our Donors

We are grateful to all those who supported the Montecito Community Foundation mission and its work in 2023.

Adrienne Edmonston

Alex Weinstein

Alice E. Van de Water

Alixe and Mark Mattingly

Allan Glaser

Ambia Clark

Andrea Hein

Andrew R. Hixon

Anita Green

Anne Jackson Family Foundation


Antoinette Amorteguy

Barbara Carrington

Barbara Eliasen

Barry and Margaret Kemp

Barton and Cathy Clemens

Beth and Ron Cooper

Betsy and Chip Turner

Bill and Susan McKinley

Bob & Siri Marshall

Bradley Dyruff and Karen Roberts

Brian and Anne Busacca

Brian and Joanne Rapp

Bridget Colleary

Bruce and Cathy Milner

Bruce and Harriet Johnston

Bruce and Sharon Bevon

Byron and Robyn Beck

Calvin Marble

Carla A. Amussen

Carol Maccorkle

Carol Vernon

Chana and Jim Jackson

Charles Sheldon

Cheeryble Foundation

Chris Mills

Coeta and Donald Barker

Colleen and Ted Friedel

Crystal Wyatt

Cynthia and John Hall

Cynthia Tippett

Cynthia Withers

Daniel and Karen Bernstein Charitable Fund

Dareld Shaver

Darlene Bierig

David and Barbara Biehl

David and Carolee Krieger

David and Ruth Green

David Gersh

David M. Yager