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The Montecito Community Foundation

The Montecito Foundation was established over 50 years ago (1966) by a group of citizens who believed its residents might wish to make tax deductible gifts to preserve and improve our unique community and quality of life.

Today the Foundation is a thriving and important way for all Montecitans to engage in that mission.

From the beautification of Montecito assets like parks and family recreation areas, to the loved and adored 4th of July celebrations, to improvements to our safety and walking paths, to the Village Green common area, to repairs and maintenance of our unique road signs and bus stops, our focus is on local improvements.

The Montecito Community Foundation is the bridge between your support and the community’s ability to support efforts and initiatives that enhance and define our special and charming community. Visit our website pages to learn more about how you can make a difference with your local community foundation.

Be Involved, Join us

Preservation and Improvement

Visit our website pages to learn more about how you can make a difference with your local community foundation

Hear From Our Donors

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Steve Hicks

From projects large and small our community is improved by the volunteers at the Montecito Community Foundation. From our wooden road signs to the Corner Green, Montecito beautification is at the center of the Foundation’s work.

Susan Gulbranson

Montecito is a unique and special place to live and the thoughtful efforts of the Montecito Community Foundation to enhance and preserve our community is a great benefit to all of us.

Susan Jackson
The Garden Club

The landscape restoration of the triangle at Hot Springs and Olive Mill Roads, destroyed by the debris flow, has transformed the intersection into an appealing garden.

Abe Powell
Bucket Brigade CEO

The Foundation’s early support for the North Jameson Walking Trail helped to make the entire Walk Montecito Project possible!

Montecito Fire Chief David Neels
Montecito Fire Chief

There is no more special annual event than Montecito’s 4th of July celebrations. A family tradition that always inspires!